Not everybody was happy with the announcement of the new Keith and Dufftown Railway. Some said it wasn’t healthy as people would more often take the train as transport and therefor not get enough exercise. Another opposition was “Keith and Dufftown Engineer”, sometimes also called the “Dufftown Dilly”. This was a coach running from Keith to Dufftown. Mainly for mail, but quite some time also for transport of people who could afford it. The Fife Arms Inn (not the same building as today’s Fife Arms Hotel”) was the point to post and pickup the mail.

Illustration of a coach used in 1848

Banffshire Journal 1853

Coaching. – In noticing the coach running from Keith to Duftown in last Journal, we styled her the “Dufftown Dilly”. The name of the coach is the “Keith and Dufftown Engineer.” We are glad to learn that the coach is doing well, and proving a great accommodation to the public. We also stated that the Defiance leaves the station house for the west on the arrival of the south mail at 20 minutes to nix in the evening. We should have said the “Mail,” and not the Defiance.”