By James Ferguson.

Mortlach parish is bounded, on the north, by a part of Aberlour and Boharm parishes; on the east,by part of Botriphny and Glass,as also by part of the river Dovern,and the parish of Cabrach ; and on the west,by Glenlivet and part oftheparishof InnerAvin. Its length,from east to west,is eighteen miles; it’s breadth, about five miles. The church lyes west by south of Huntly. The house of Balveny, belonging to Lord Braco, lies one mile east and by north from the church. The houses of Kininvie and Tullich lie, the first, a mile and an half, the other, two miles, north-east from the church. These houses, together with the church, have the river Fiddich running by them, which discharges itself into that of Spey a little below Kininvie.
An old Castle, called Auchindown, now ruinous, lies three miles south from the church.

As to its antiquities and etymologie of its name, consult Boetius. It was one of the four ancient bishops sees in Scotland.
There are about fifteen hundred examinable persons. The King is, or at least is reputed to be, patron.

A public instrument upon the election and presentation of John Gordoun to the clergy of the parish church of Mwrthlaycht by the parishioners of the said parish. (A.D. 1550.)

In the name of God, amen, by this present public instrument, let it be evident to all, and let it be known that in the year of the incarnation Dominic | A thousand on the 500th and 49th of the month of March I am the third indictment of the seventh pontificate of the most holy father in Christ and of the Lord, our Lord Paul, of whose death the fame flies, divine providence of the third pope in the tenth and fifth year / In mej public notary et personally constituted in the presence of the undersigned witnesses and by their own means instructions and consent to the undersigned / letter and by bailiffs and officers. They publicly advise and agree with the noble and powerful Lord Count John Atholie and lord of Balwany / Alexander Ogylvy of the same / and I will do so.

All and every one of the undersigned parishioners are honorable and honorable virgins de Mwrthlaycht subscriptj at least the greater and saner part of the said parish meeting together in the aforesaid parochial church of Mwrthlaycht / Walter Lesleyde Kyninwy imagister George Gordoun de Baldorne Alexander Gordoun de Brodlandis 1 Alexander Gordon in Clwnybeg / Johannes Gordoun in Clwnymoir · Vilhelmus Forbes in Keythtmoir /
Georgius Caulder in Petglasse / Johannes Bailye capitaneus de Auchindown | Alexander Gordoun in Ballande | Robertus Gordon in Pettbeg
Georgius Lesley in Pettmoir / Wilhelmus Stewart in Madreclwny / Patricius Innes in Ladacht / Patricius Innes in Madirclwny / Johannes
Roye / Donaldus More MacGillereacht / Johannes Cauder / Willelmus MacAgo Robertus Irwing 1 Jacobus MacChandyt / Johannes Mac Furter/JohannesMacAndrow/AlexanderMacFaile Ferquhardus MacLelan 1 Johannes MacWrm / Thomas Futtor 1 Duncanus Mac
Kelleis MacCondoquby Moir 1 Donaldus Bayne / Jacobus Stewart / Johannes Gordon in Auchestak / Dauid Fynlaysoun / Thomas Stewart / Donaldus Rait | Andreas Strylay / Patricius Donalej , Willelmus Cauder in Madirclwny / Johannes Bayn | Fyndlayus Mac Conill Roye | Robertus Lagan /Johannes IrweingiAndreas MacGillecreist/Donaldus Mac Faile / Dauid MacPhaile 1 Willelmus Mackere 1 Willelmus Roger | Duncanus Brabinir | Dauid Roye 1 Johannes MacPhaile / Johannes MoirMacPhaile,Willelmus MacPhale/ JohannesBayne/ Hugo Cauldere /Johannes Brabnar Garro | Patricius MacWilleam in Balwany / Johannes Mac Yntoishe ibidem , Andreas Gald officiarius ibidem , Richardus Rattray Richardus Gordounibidem ,Johannes Ranald / Thomas Roye|Johannes MacWilliam Thomas MacGillecreist, ThomasMac Auchell,AlexanderDueri,WillelmusMacThomas DauidNagyr/ Johannes Crwshank / Johannes MacYnnes 1 Duncanus MacWilliam , Johannes Mac Thomas in Clwnymoir , Johannes Yong , Duncanus Brigis Thomas|Thomas Ross /Dauid Crwshank /Dauid Carnismyll /Thomas MacWilliam in Kiathmoir , Thomas Moir / Robertus Ross / Duncanus Broustir / Johannes Falconar /Donaldus Philp 1 Johannes Spaldin / Alanus Bayne / Donaldus Mac Barnat / Thomas Tailyeour , Wilhelmus Piper , Alexander Croye 1 Donaldus Roye , Thomas Mac Ynnes Thomas Gordoun /Johannes Sym , Duncanus Bo / Andreas Gaw , Thomas MacCallan /Jacobus Gald ,Dauid Brabnar /Jacobus Ross / Walterus Sym / Andreas MacYndow | Jacobus Gordoun in Tullochtcallie / Georgius Ogylvy ibidem / Thomas Brabiner | Fyndlayus M a c Robie MwcCallum Dow /Willelmus MacAllan /Alexander MacWilliam in Ardwell , Alexander MacReachan / Johannes Tailyour / Donaldus Mac William , Alexander MacGow , Willelmus MacBlake Johannes MacGillePatrik /Robertus Norej 1 Johannes Couper /Johannes Mac Ferquhar MacLawny , Willelmus Gordoun in Inuercherache / Jacobus Skynnar 1 Johannes Bayn / Adamus MacHutchoun / Vilhelmus Gordoun in Thomebane / Andreas Edwaird , Donaldus MacPhaile / Johannes Gill mache in Lesmurde 1 Alexander Straibin , Willelmus Gray / magister Patricius Maitland 1 Willelmus MacBlakke Mukallum MacAndroi Jacobus Reacht |Alexander MacIndoquhy in Glenmerky /Johannes Moir ibidem , Dauid Moir / Dauid Nore / Jacobus Makros / Adamus M a c Intalyour / Malcolmus Tailyeour / Willelmus Crushank / Willelmus M a c Jokke , Cristina Gald / Johannes MacKymmey | Dominus Johannes Moresoun vicarius pensionarius de Mwrthlaycht /

Dominus Johannes Duncan the chaplain in the same place / to all the better ways of the right way in a fairer form and effect / for those who knew better and more effectively should or could not be led by fear or fear nor fall into error.
Compelled by force, neither coercion, nor change of mind, as it appeared, they chose and each one of them chose /with one consent, the beloved young man John Gordoun, the son of the master George Gordoun of Baldorny as if an able and good person to be a parish clerk in the said parish of Mwrthlaycht and each of them and theirs / their elections and wishes to the said Johannj Gordoun | the said clerics of Mwrthlaycht favorably gave and lent, and every one of them gave and lent individually and successively, and from above they had reason and they have and every one of them has, to enjoy and possess this clerical duty to the parish church of Mwrthlaycht with all and every one of their fruits and profits and to any belongings by pure et the simple resignation or dismissal of the venerable master Wilhelm Gordoun, the treasurer of Cathanensis, the last parish priest of the same parish and the aforesaid parishioners, to be restored in Christ, the father of Wilhelm they humbly asked the bishop of Birdon or another or others to have the power of his office, and each of them demanded and asked as far as the said Johannes Gordoun / their parochial clergyman, thus presented by dismissal and resignation, to be pre-empted from the pastoral office if it pleases him to die… in the same way is to confirm and collate i Upon each and every one of which the master George Gordoun, the father of the aforesaid John Gordoun, the elected clerical procurator in the name of the aforesaid Johns Gordoun [etc.] signed by me as a notary public / has requested one or more fierj for himself the public or the public instruments / Acts were here in the parish church of Mwrthlaycht hours between eleven and twelve in the afternoon / publicly in the presence of the parishioners and in the presence of two witnesses Alexander Robertsoun in Lochtil Wandyt / Lord John Moresoun vicar pensionary of Mwrthlaycht.

And I, indeed, William the Clerk of the diocese of Abirdon, presbyter, notary by sacred apostolic authority [etc.]