A parish comprehending the valleys of the Fiddich, and its tributary the Dullan, or, in other words, Mortlach proper, the district of Auchindown, the deer forest of Glenfiddich, and the larger half of Glenrinnes. The means of communication through these districts all converge upon Dufftown, a compact and thriving village. The total population of the parish in 1861 was 3096.

Heritors – The Earl of Fife ; the Duke of Richmond ; George A Young Leslie of Kininvie ; and the Rev. T. A. Gregory of Buchromb.
Patron—The Crown.
Minister—The Rev. James A. Cruickshank.
Schools—Parish School—Teacher—John Macpherson. ; Adventure School m Dufftown—Teacher—J. Davidson ; Side School at Milltown of Auchindown—Teacher—J. Farquharson ; Do. at Raws, Auchindown—Teacher—T. Wilson ; three Female Schools in Dufftown—Teachers—respectively, Miss Gill, Miss E. Menzies, and Miss Hickton.
Free Church—Rev. John Shoolbraid.
Roman Catholic ChapelClergyman—Rev. John Kemp; Do. SchoolsTeachers—Rev. J. Kemp, and Miss Hornby.
Session Clerk—John Macpherson, Parish School.
Registrar—John Beaton, accountant.
Parochial Board—Chairman—Rev J. A. Cruickshank. Inspector – James Grant, auctioneer. Collector—John Walker, accountant.
Banks —North of Scotland Bank—Agent—James Petrie. Aberdeen Town and County Bank—Agent—William Cantlie.
Post Office—A Savings Bank and Money Order Office. Postmaster —James Grant. Mail arrives at 8 ‘20 p.m., and is despatched at 4 a.m.
Railway Station—Dufftown, about half a-mile from the village. Station Agent— Archibald Brown.


Anderson, John, farmer, Muir
Anderson, James, Bog, Kininvie
Brand James, railway contractor, Tullich Cottage
Cantlie, William, farmer, Keithmore
Craig, R., farmer, Stockley
Cumming, H. Gordon, Pittyvaich House
Craib, Wm, mason, Balvenie Castle
Dow, Robert, farmer, Burnhead
Duncan, James, farmer, Raws
Duncan, James, farmer, Parkmore
Duncan, Wm., farmer, Parkbeg
Dey, James, farmer, Burnside
Duff, Peter, farmer, Westertown
Farquharson, J., schoolmaster, Milton or Auchindown
Forbes, James, farmer, Keithock
Findlater, James, farmer, Milton, and Mains of Balvenie
Gordon, Geo., farmer, landsurveyor, and factor for Beldorney, Tullochallum
Green, Alex., farmer, Alnaboyle
Grant, William, farmer, Nether Cluny
Grant, Peter, farmer, Balliemore
Grant, Francis, farmer, Allamichie
Gauld, Alex., Newcastle
Dines, John, farmer, Boghead
Kelman, Alex., farmer, Clunymore
Kelman, William, farmer, Lettoch
Leslie, Geo. A. Young, of Kininvie, Kininvie House
Mackie William, farmer, Little Tullich
Myren, Mrs., farmer, Earnfold
Murray, William, farmer, Laggan  

Moir, John, farmer, Enoch
Moir, William, farmer, Enoch
M’Donald, James, Mill of Auchindown
M’Donald, William, farmer, Newley
M’Donald, A., farmer, Coldhome
M’Donald, James, Mill of Pittyvaich
M’Hardy, George, Conval M’Hardy, R., gamekeeper, Bridgehaugh
M’William, gamekeeper, Smithston
Nicol, Charles, farmer, Clunybeg
Petrie, James, farmer, Glencorie
Peddie, John, farmer, Brawlands
Peddie, John, farmer, Calternach
Rutherford, Geo., farmer, Blackhillock
Robertson, John, farmer, Broomhead
Russell, James, farmer, Midtown
Roy, George, farmer, Convalleys
Ross, John, contractor, Methercluny
Stewart, Alex., farmer, Maltkiln
Simpson, John, farmer, Clunymore
Sellar, William, farmer, Parkhead
Sellar, Mrs., Upper Keithock
Stewart, James, farmer, Auchnahandock
Shiach, James, farmer, Wardhead
Smith, Robert, farmer, Buchromb
Smith, James, farmer, Pittyvaich
Shand, John, farmer, Allachlaggan
Stewart, John, farmer, Dykeheads
Tod, A., farmer and architect, Pitglassie
Thomson, William, farmer, Tomnon
Thomson, Mrs., Mether Cluny
Wilson, T., schoolmaster, Raws
Wright, William, farmer, Tullich  


Anton, Alexander, painter, Castle Street
Beaton, Thomas, innkeeper, Square
Beaton, John, accountant, Castle Street
Cantlie, William, Aberdeen Town and County Bank, Square
Clark, John, mason, Castle Street
Cocker, William, V.S., Fife Street
Coutts, James, Star Inn, Conval Street
Craib, D., innkeeper & cartwright, Conval Street
Craib, Mrs. A., innkeeper, Fife Street
Craib, J., tailor, Conval Street
Craib, D., shoemaker, Conval Street
Craib & Shiach, builders
Cruickshank, Rev. J. A., The Manse
Cumming, John, blacksmith, Fife Street
Davidson, A, schoolmaster, Fife Street
Dawson, J., merchant, Conval Street
Dey, James, carpenter, Castle Street
Dey, Lewis, flesher, Conval Street
Dey, James, jun., meal dealer, Kirkton Street
Ellis, John, shoemaker, Conval Street
Eyval, Robert, merchant, Conval Street
Farquharson, J., shoemaker, Kirkton St.
Farquharson, J., tailor, Castle Street
Farquharson, George, tailor, Kirkton St.
Forbes, Alex., shoemaker, Fife Street
Garden, C. & G., plasterers, Fife Street
Gill, Miss, Female School, Kirkton St.
Mackie, Wm., blacksmith, Castle Street
Menzies, George, surgeon, Square
Menzies, Miss E., Female School, Fife St.
Milne, Jas., coal merchant, Kirkton St.
Milne, A., White Horse Inn, Kirkton St.
Mitchell, Mrs., Castle Street
Mitchell, G., painter, Fife Street
Mitchell, J., plasterer, do.
Mitchell, Wm., shoemaker, Castle Street
Morrison, A., merchant, Kirkton Street
Morrice, V.S. Morgan & Naughty, carpenters
Morgan & M’Connachie, masons
Murdoch, John, Kirkton Street
Myren, James, flesher, Fife Street
M’Connachie, A., flesher, Square
M’Connachie, John, tailor, Conval Street
M’Donald, A., grocer, Conval Street
M’Donald, J., steam mills, Castle Street
M’Donald, D., baker, Castle Street
M’Gregor, John, brewer, Mortlach Dist.
M’Intosh, John, tinsmith, Conval Street
M’Innes, Miss, dressmaker, Castle Street
M’Intosh, A., carrier, Castle Street
M’Kay, William, mason, Kirkton
M’Kay, Wm., tailor, Kirkton Street
M’Pherson, James, builder, Fife Street
M’Pherson, John, architect and builder, Fife Street
Patillo, A., merchant, Square
Peddie, C, shoemaker, Castle Street
Petrie, James, North of Scotland Bank, Fife Cottage  
Gordon & Cowie, distillers, Mortlach Distillery
Gordon, William, merchant, Fife Street
Gordon, Mary, milliner, Castle Street
Gordon, William, watchmaker, Square
Grant, Alexander, Bank Lane
Grant, Peter, C.E., Errolbank
Grant, A., gas manager
Grant, James, auctioneer, appraiser, postmaster, and Inspector of Poor, Castle Street
Grant, A., contractor, Conval Street
Grant, Lieut. Wm. (late Auchorachan)
Grant, George, saddler, Fife Street
Hepburn, William, druggist, Square
Hickton, Wm., Inland Revenue, Square
Hickton, Miss, Female School, Square
Innes, William, merchant, Square
Ingram, James, teacher of music, Kirkton Street
Keir, William, M.D., Fife Street
Kelman, William, Tininver Limeworks
Keith, W., baker, Fife Street
Kemp Rev. John, R.C.C. Chapel House
Kemp, James, shoemaker, Conval Street
Kemp, John, Richmond Limeworks
Legg, Mrs. A, innkeeper,. Fife Street
Lorimer, James, innkeeper, Castle Street
Macpherson, John, Parochial School
Macdonell, John, merchant, Square
Proctor, James, tailor, Castle Street
Ragg, Mrs., Stamp Office, Fife Street
Riddoch, George, druggist, Square
Ritchie, A., shoemaker, Fife Street
Ross, James, baker, Fife Street
Rutherford, George, S.C.D.
Shand, William, merchant, Square
Shand, John, cartwright, Conval Street
Shiach, George, builder, Kirkton Street
Shoolbraid, Rev. John, F.C. Manse
Smith, James, merchant, Fife Street
Spence, John, carter, Castle Street
Spence, William, tailor, Kirkton Street
Stewart, Thomas, gardener, &c, Castle Street
Stewart, John, farmer, Tininver
Stewart, J., Plough Inn, Fife Street
Stewart, P., Fife Wool Mills
Stewart, Misses, dressmakers and milliners, Tininver
Symon & Son, saddlers, Square
Taylor, George, innkeeper, Fife Street
Thomson, Peter, Fife Wool Mills Walker,
John, merchant, Conval Street
Walker, P., feuar, Conval Street
Walker, John, accountant, Fife Street
Ward, James, stoneware merchant
Warrack, James, feuar and postrunner
Wilson, W., Fife Arms Hotel, Square
Wilson, James, officer of Inland Revenue
Wilson, P., watchmaker, Square
Wiseman, John, wheelwright, Castle St.
Yeats, John, cabinetmaker, Conval St.