Dufftown was founded in 1817 by James Duff, fourth Earl of Fife, hence the name. It is laid out in the form of a crooked-armed cross with a square in the centre.

In 1863 the town adopted the Lindsay Act, and under the Burgh Police Act of 1892 a Common Seal was designed, showing the tower which stands in the centre of the square. This tower was erected by public subscription, and was put up, flat by flat, as the money was raised. It is square, of a considerable height, and with turrets at the corners. It is surmounted with a belfry containing a bell and a four-dialed clock. The ground floor was formerly used as a jail, but is now in use as the Town Council Chambers and Court House, while the upper rooms are occupied by some of the burgh workmen, In commemoration of the Jubilee of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, the dials were fitted up with an illuminating apparatus, and now the inhabitants of the burgh are cognisant of the flight of time by night as well as by day.

This board met in the Town Hall on Tuesday evening—Provost Cowie presiding. The Provost handed over the seal of the burgh which he had been authorised to procure for the board and, in doing so, asked the Commissioners to accept of the same as a gift from him. Bailie Symon proposed a motion, and it was agreed to unanimously, to minute the thanks of the Board to the Provost for his handsome gift.

The seal is of elaborate design. The shape is horse shoe, with the Tower in the centre and words “The Commissioners of the Burgh of Dufftown” encircling it. It was agreed to place the seal in the hands of the Finance Committee to be used by them on behalf of the burgh.