The first Gordon of Beldorney was George, son of Adam, Dean of Caithness, who was 3rd son of the 1st Earl of Huntly. The Dean died in 1528. This George got a charter of the lands of Beldorney on the Deveron, from Sir John Gordon of Findlater in 1560 ; he married Janet, daughter of Hugh Ros of Kilraik (date of marriage contract 17 June 1537), and is said to have died in 1575.

He was succeeded by his elder son Alexander as second laird, who is said to have been served heir to his father in 1578 ; he married Margaret, daughter of Sir John Grant of Freuchie (marr. contr. 20 Feb. 1560).

Their eldest son, George, was served heir to his father, Alexander of Beldorney, in the lands of Beldorney and others in the barony of Keithmore or Auchindoune, 20th Feb. 1627 (Retours).

Their second son, according to the family pedigree, was Alexander Gordon of Killihuntly, commonly called Sandy Mor, ancestor of what may be called the later lairds of Beldorney, who came in many years afterwards. Sir John Gordon of Findlater was the 3rd son of George, 4th Earl of Huntly ; and Alexander Ogilvy of that ilk and Findlater had married Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Gordon, Dean of Caithness. Alexander Ogilvy, disinheriting his own son by his first wife, Lady Janet Abernethy, known as James Ogilvy of Cardell, settled his baronies of Ogilvy and Findlater on Sir John Gordon, reserving his own and his wife’s liferent in 1546. In this way Beldorney came into the possession of Gordons descended from the Earl of Huntly.

Moreover Sir John Gordon married the widow of the above Alexander Ogilvy, another Elizabeth Gordon. Much trouble resulted from those proceedings, and also after litigation an arbitration was made in 1566, by which the lands and barony of Findlater were assigned to James Ogilvy, and those of Auchindown and Keithmore to Sir Adam Gordon, thereafter of Auchindown and Gartly, brother of Sir John Beldorney remained in possession of the descendants of George, the son of Adam, Dean of Caithness.