It’s not that long ago I started diving into the history of Dufftown. I heard all kinds of amazing stories of historical illicit distilling, the clock that hung MacPherson and many more fascinating stories. Stories tourist love to hear about and needed to be told both for interest but also to preserve the history of the town in which we live. So, my first step was getting the facts from the locals and start building a mobile app for everyone interested in this beautiful town’s history. Reading through dozens of old documents, manuscripts and articles I managed to build a fair and accurate picture of all the things that had happened here.

I’ll take you to the Victorian Era. The rise and growth of Dufftown. I’ll introduce you to people who had a huge influence on what Dufftown has become. I also will take you through the time of the industrial revolution where people faced new and emerging challenges. In the end you can decide for yourself which of the stories are real or folklore.

Work is still in progress …

Anne Jan Zandstra,

Dufftown, 2022

Seal of the Burgh of Dufftown, 1896